Thursday, April 05, 2007

Too late for a TTW post?

I'm afraid we've completely left you hanging, Mel. Over the Christmas break, I caught up on some of the novels you've read. I finished The Danish Girl and was quite sad to have it end. I felt much like Karon and grew very attached to Lili and Greta. I went so far as to research their real-life counterparts a bit and was disappointed to find that much was published regarding Lili's surgeries, but not much regarding either of them as artists. Ah well...

So I turned my attention to The Time Traveler's Wife, got about 40 pages in and came to a grinding halt. Still mourning the loss of Lili et. al., I just wasn't ready for a new book. TTW just wasn't holding my attention though I thought the premise was really interesting, especially given my former junior high fixation with sci-fi.

Finally, I picked it up again and must have been ready because I finished it within 2 days--no easy feat at my house. It's now one of my favorites, and I've already passed it on to a friend as a "must read."

My favorite things about it: that author pulled off time-travel as a possibility outside of the fantastic circumstances that one would get in, say, one of those old Piers Anthony novels I used to read. That the love story was so unique in the way that Mel has already mentioned and yet so everyday replete with secrets and annoyances and co-dependency. That I, too, would love to see Claire's sculptures. That Henry's taste in music has spawned several really good conversations among my some of my music-aficionado friends (of which I'm not one) just by mentioning some of the bands to them.


Blogger KK said...

Okay - I guess I'm the only one who didn't like the book.

Perhaps I only enjoy certain types of fiction and haven't been willing to take each book as its own work.

But - here's why I didn't like it.
I got real tired of reading the short staccato sentences that seemed like simple lists of their actions. I would have liked to have read more of their thoughts and reflections. I would have liked to have read sentences that made me think.

Then there were the characters flaws. Those are what make people interesting. But I never connected with the characters enough to enjoy or even accept their flaws.

I'm looking forward to the new book!

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