Thursday, April 19, 2007

another book

it's been way too long since I found my way back here, but Karon asked me to pick a book, and I see that I missed some great books and discussions.

I've got two suggestions:

the big rock candy mountain by Wallace Stegner
evidence of things unseen by Marianne wiggins

I'm going to go ahead and start reading Marianne Wiggins.

sorry about the sporadic capitalization...I spilled wine on the keyboard a couple of nights ago and it has been hung over ever since.

Let me know what you think of these suggestions!

anne Marie

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Too late for a TTW post?

I'm afraid we've completely left you hanging, Mel. Over the Christmas break, I caught up on some of the novels you've read. I finished The Danish Girl and was quite sad to have it end. I felt much like Karon and grew very attached to Lili and Greta. I went so far as to research their real-life counterparts a bit and was disappointed to find that much was published regarding Lili's surgeries, but not much regarding either of them as artists. Ah well...

So I turned my attention to The Time Traveler's Wife, got about 40 pages in and came to a grinding halt. Still mourning the loss of Lili et. al., I just wasn't ready for a new book. TTW just wasn't holding my attention though I thought the premise was really interesting, especially given my former junior high fixation with sci-fi.

Finally, I picked it up again and must have been ready because I finished it within 2 days--no easy feat at my house. It's now one of my favorites, and I've already passed it on to a friend as a "must read."

My favorite things about it: that author pulled off time-travel as a possibility outside of the fantastic circumstances that one would get in, say, one of those old Piers Anthony novels I used to read. That the love story was so unique in the way that Mel has already mentioned and yet so everyday replete with secrets and annoyances and co-dependency. That I, too, would love to see Claire's sculptures. That Henry's taste in music has spawned several really good conversations among my some of my music-aficionado friends (of which I'm not one) just by mentioning some of the bands to them.