Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Time Traveller

I finished reading The Time Traveller's Wife last week. I have been gobbling it up on the train in and out of central London. The World could have stopped or David Tennant may have begged me to spend time with him, but nothing was going to drag me away from the story. I loved everything about this book, it's quirky timeline, the wonderful relationship between Henry and Clare and the fact that when they met for the first time in the present time, Henry had no idea who she was, yet Clare had been waiting for him all her life. I would have loved to seen some her artwork.
You really felt like you were being pulled through time each time Henry travelled. LOVED THIS ONE. I'm reading the Red Tent now by Anita Diamant, having had my sole sucked out through a straw via an awful Danielle Steele novel I was bought as an "easy" read - NEVER AGAIN, I'd rather go back to Stephanie Laurens than that again. This train commute malarky means I am eating books. Right gotta go my soup is almost done. All the best.



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